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Eyeliner - Lash Line Enhancement Tattoo

Eyeliner - Lash Line Enhancement Tattoo

Eyeliner tattoo is a type of semi-permanent makeup procedure that places pigment along the top and / or bottom eyelashes to define the eyes and gives an illusion of thicker, darker and fuller lashes. Similar to any other tattoo, eyeliner pigments is injected with a tattoo needle into the first layer of the eyelid skin.

This cosmetic tattoo lasts 3-5 years depending on your skin type, aftercare & lifestyle.

What is a Lash Line Enhancement Tattoo?

It is a simple, delicate line placed along the eyelashes that defines the eyes without the look of makeup. It gives the illusion of fuller lashes. The look is more natural looking, it does not include a winged tail and is thinner than a classic bold eyeliner design.


Procedure time: 2 hours
Pain Level: 1- 4 out of 10. With 10 being the most painful. However, the pain level can vary depending on the pain tolerance and level of sensitivity.
A Numbing cream & liquid are applied before and during the procedure to avoid any discomfort.

Pain level may increase for clients who are or have:
– Insomnia or inadequate sleep in the past few days.
– Alcohol consumption in the past 48 hours.
– Had caffeine before the procedure.
– On their menstrual cycle.

Note: This apply to all cosmetic tattoo procedure

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Who are the IDEAL & NON-IDEAL candidates for Lash Line Enhancement Tattoo?

While cosmetic tattoo is a convenient way to save time in the morning by not having to apply eye makeup, it may not be suitable for everyone. Below is a list of qualifications that may determine whether a client is ideal or non-ideal for the procedure.

The lash line tattoo is a suitable choice for individuals who:

  • Want to enhance the natural size of their eyes without the look of heavy makeup.
  • Desire for smudge-resistant, long-lasting eyeliner.
  • Have allergies to or sensitivities to most eye makeup products.
  • Have lost their eyelashes due to medical reason.
  • Have an active lifestyle and does not want to go out bare-eyed.
  • Have issue applying eye makeup due to poor eye vision.

The lash line tattoo is NOT a suitable choice for individuals who:

  • Have monolid eye shapes.
  • Have uneven eye shapes (one with crease and one with no crease).
  • Have mature skin ( eyelid too droopy).
  • Have excessive wrinkles around the eyes.

Are you someone who loves the illusion of a fuller lash line and a natural, eye-opening look?

The effects you get are undetectable and seamless. All you see is that natural enhancement that truly brings that eye-popping effect.

Consider getting a lash enhancement tattoo for a long-lasting, hassle-free solution.

Everything you need to know before your appointment

Risks To Avoid


To Avoid

  • Not adhering to the aftercare instructions may increase the pain level during the procedure and jeopardize the result.
  • Serious infection can occur if you don’t follow the aftercare instructions properly.
  • Allergic reactions to organic pigments used for the procedure, which is really rare but it can happen.

Note: All health standards are followed here in the studio.


Health Issues

  • Pregnant or breastfeeding (wait 3 months after stopping breastfeeding).
  • Hemophilia or heart condition : Must consult a physician prior to the appointment.
  • Accutane/ Retin-A – Wait 6 months after finishing the acne medication before tattooing the
    skin. If not, the altered skin condition will not heal well after the procedure.
  • High blood pressure : Prone to more bleeding and may result in poor colour retention.
  • Diabetic : Must keep the blood sugar level under control to reduce the risk of slow healing.
  • Allergic to Lidocaine (Numbing agent).
  • Viral infections and/diseases.
  • Epilepsy
  • Had an organ transplant.
  • Bloodborne condition such as HIV or hepatitis.
  • Skin cancer
  • Breast-feeding
  • Cosmetic surgery/procedure
  • Glaucoma
Pre-treatment Care

Pre-treatment Care

Very Important

  • The usage of Retinol and Vitamin A should be discontinue one month prior to the procedure.
  • It is recommended to eat something before your appointment to make sure your blood sugar levels stay stable during the procedure.
  • No excessive alcohol or caffeine consumption 24 hours before your procedure. Alcohol and caffeine can thin the blood, which causes the skin to be hypersensitive, and bleed/bruise more easily.
  • Avoid sun tanning one week prior to the procedure.
  • Avoid blood thinning medications for 24 hours before the procedure. This includes Aspirin, Niacin (Vitamin B3), Vitamin E or Advil/Ibuprofen, fish oils tablets. Please consult your physician if this is an issue.
  • Eyelash extensions should be removed 3 days prior to the procedure.
  • No eyelash perm and/or tinting at least 3 days prior.
  • Discontinue Retin-A one week prior to the procedure.
  • No Botox around the eye area 2 weeks prior.
  • Eyelash growth serums like Latisse bring extra circulation to the lash line area which results in more growth of hair/lashes. This can cause the skin to be hypersensitive and bleed easily. It is recommended to discontinue the use of these products at least 3-6 months before your treatment.
  • Do not wear any eye makeup on the day of your appointment.
  • If you wear contact lenses, please wear glasses on the day of your appointment.

Note: You will be more sensitive during your menstrual cycle.


Very Important

  • Splash your eyes with water and wash off any pigment residue immediately after the procedure. Pat dry gently with a clean tissue.
  • Wash the skin around the eyes twice a day (morning & night) using a gentle, unscented soap (Cetaphil or baby shampoo). Use your fingertips to cleanse gently and pat dry with a clean tissue.
  • No ointment needed for the lash line enhancement.
  • Scabs will take about 7 -10 days to peel off. Do not pick at the scabs or peel them off prematurely.
  • Swelling and redness is normal for the first few days.
  • Slight stinging sensation in the first few days is also normal.
  • The color will fade approximately 30-50% lighter when the scabs fall off. This is completely normal. Do not feel discouraged if the fading is more than you expected.
  • To achieve the perfect eyeliner, we need to see how your skin accepts the initial application and a touch-up appointment is where we will perfect the shape and color (6 weeks after).
  • No eye makeup is allowed until the scabs completely fall off.
  • Avoid sweaty exercises such as hot saunas, hot yoga, and swimming until the scabbing comes off.
Healing process

Healing Process

Very Important

  • The eyeliner will start to form scabs and they might look dark and thick. As the skin heals, the scabs will fall off in random pieces and might look patchy.
  • Flaking and crusting on the tattoo area may occur.
  • Avoid pulling off the scabs that are dried on the lashes.
  • When you try to pull off the scabs that are hanging on your lashes, ensure the scabs are soft enough to slide off from the lashes. Use a mascara brush to help remove the scabs.
  • Swelling occurs up to 3 days after the procedure, especially in the morning.
  • Exercising the eyes can help reduce swelling and puffiness. Try blinking actively for 2 minutes in the morning.
  • To relieve swelling, you can ice the area with soft gel ice packs.

Eyeliner Stages of Healing


Day 1

A little swollen but I love my eyeliner!


Day 2


My eyes are still swollen and the colour is very dark.

3 - 4

Day 3 - 4


The swelling is gone but the colour is flaking off.

5 - 6

Day 5 - 6


The colour is very light and seems uneven.


Day 30


The colour has come back, just a tad uneven.
Time for touch-up!


After touch-up

Perfect! My eyeliner looks great!

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